The Aftermath

I haven't heard the fat lady sing yet


I know that people want to think it’s all over - this four years of political turmoil in the USA, but I really don’t think it is. They haven’t all crawled back under their rocks yet. In fact, the FBI says that these assholes are planning armed insurrection in all fifty states on Inauguration Day. So yeah, nothing to worry about.

Still, this perspective article in the Washington Post’s ‘Style’ section was a gem: Trumpist Masculinity Reaches its High Water Mark

I think one of the best responses to the Dumpy McDumper Supporters and their chaos at the capital came from the Terminator. At the very least, no one else can give a political speech and bring the actual god-damn sword of Conan into it.

And the truth is, they are probably going to do more awful shit. Certainly Dumpy McDump is going to. By the way:

That’s all I got for ya this time - it will be nice to stop thinking about Dumpy McDump someday. Today, however, is not that day - as he is making history as the first president to be impeached twice. Congress didn’t do their job the first time…so here we go again.

May you find peace in this chaotic world,