2021 is Here

What will it bring?


We’ve reached 2021. Now, what will we do with it?

First of all, let’s not repeat 2020. Here’s an unusually frank and plainspoken headline from CNBC that sums it up: The Legacy of 2020: Riches for the Wealthy and White, Financial Pain for Others - since it’s a financial site, we can forgive them for ignoring the millions of dead - sort of. How can we change the way money flows? Easy. Change the money. Here’s some fun facts about Bitcoin and cryptocurrency.

Business intelligence firm MicroStrategy’s Bitcoin bet from August and September is paying off well, with the original $425 million investment now worth more than $1.2 billion at the time of publication.

The Biden team is concerned that secret service agents are too closely aligned with Dumpy. This is an unprecedented situation. Donald Dumpy is tweeting about delaying the inauguration. There’s stuff happening every few minutes…most of it seems to be more illegal attempts at strong-arming the election by Dumpy. Will it work?

There are reports now that Dumpy knows it is over but is grandstanding for attention. Let’s hope that is true. Lots will happen today. It looks almost certain that the Democrats have taken control of the Senate and the big electoral college congressional count happens today. Someone threatened to fly a plane into the capital on Air Traffic Control frequencies in New York - probably not a credible threat, but that would certainly cause some chaos.

I’m hopeful that all my speculation about Dumpy was wrong and we can move on with a new antichrist.

Well, let’s watch and see. I don’t know the future, I just look at the signals and try to interpret them. Let’s hope it’s a good week on every count.


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